Friday, October 21, 2005

Busy week!

I finally got me a new fridge on Wednesday and soo glad to have a fridge again! I was so glad that the company I bought my new fridge at hauled my broken down one away! Besides that, I have been busy at work and school and just chilling with a friend of mine. My work schedule this week has been stupid, if you ask me. They have me working every other day this week with working nights. I hate working every other day! I have only 10 more days till I am on vacation! WOOHOOO!!! I'm not going any where, just not to work!

Fall Break was last week at school and one of my classes didn't give us any homework to do. Well, Monday our teacher emailed everybody and gave us two weeks worth of stuff to do in one week to make up for not doing anything on fall break. I am frustrated about that! I have some studying to do this weekend!

The pic I posted today makes me have the travel bug. I haven't been anywhere fun and interesting in a couple of years and I think I am way overdue for a exotic vacation! Maybe I can plan that next year - I just need to get my passport so I can go anywhere!

I should get some sleep. I have been super tired but can't get to sleep! I need sleep before I go to work tonight or it is going to be a long night!!!!!

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