Saturday, October 08, 2005


I woke up this morning with the temp. in my house at 63 degrees! All my cats were all on my bed trying to stay warm! I have a waterbed and I can tell when it gets cold outside cause they sleep on it all the time! I feel like my face was frozen! I am not ready for all this cold weather! I want to get my bike out before it gets too cold and ride around the neighborhood. I haven't ridden my bike in over a year, maybe two! I am not going to be the next Lance Armstrong at this pace!

I am excited because today is the loft walk downtown! I am going to be awake for it this year! The last few years I have had to work the night before and get off at 0700, try to get some sleep and go. I have gotten there late and not been able to see all the lofts. This year I am going to see them all and enjoy my walk downtown! I hope it isn't too chilly outside. My temp. in my house has me concerned about this!

I think I am going to got huttle in my bed with my cats to get warmed back up. Hopefully when I wake back up it will be a little bit warmer in my home!

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