Sunday, October 09, 2005

Meet Snowy

I spent the evening at my sister's house and got to see my nieces and there new bunny, Snowy! He is cute and loves to hop around the house. My sister gave him a bath today to make him gorgeous!

I went to the Loft walk today downtown and the weather was rather nice for walking around. I choose the wrong shoes cause my arches hurt halfway through. I need to remember this for future Loft walks. I always have one loft I can't find. I was walking around circles at the square trying to find Loft #4 and it was nowhere to be found! I really liked Loft #3 and always enjoy seeing how people have things decorated. I really like the tile look on the kitchen counters. Someday I am going to redo my kitchen counters and hopefully I can use some of the ideas that I have seen.

I woke up today with my allergies bothering me and I guess walking downtown with all the ragweed in the air didn't help. All I have done tonight is sneeze! I have sneezed so much that my voice doesn't want to work. I hate my allergies. It needs to freeze so that it will kill off the ragweed! I need to mow my yard but it will only make my allergies worse. I need to get my face mask out and look like an alien as I mow my yard! I am hoping that this will be the last time that I have to mow this year. I have been falling asleep waiting for my bed sheets to get dry. The dryer buzzed so I took two Benadryl and went to take my bed linens out only to find that they are still damp!! So I am waiting for them to be dry and hope I don't pass out before they are. :-)

Tomorrow my sister and I are going to ride bikes together!! WOOOHOOOO! I am sooo excited! I have to dig my bike rake out of the garage and check out my bike and see what I need to do, if anything, to get it ready! I just hope that my allergies are better by morning . . . .

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{c} said...

What an adorable bunny!! How cute:)
Sorry about your allergies, they can be real "buggers" sometimes..., that sounds fun!