Thursday, August 30, 2007

On the mend, hopefully

I actually slept between 7-8 hours last night! It was great even though I felt tired today. I am sure that is because my body is confused from working nights for soo long. I was able to wake up early today and work on some things for school before going to school. I love it when things happen in a nice way!

I had my Old Testament class today. I found it a little boring as the reading we did, he just went back over it today. I am sure that will be of a benefit though as it will help things stay in my memory better! I think I missed one question on the quiz today because he worded something different than the book did. I need to start getting ready for my quiz for next week!

I need to really start researching for my Community Health class. I emailed my instructor today and need to answer her email. I need to start looking at things in-depth and email her my questions. I have a discussion board due next week that I need to get started on. Our first test is going to be posted next Tuesday so I need to really get into the reading! There is so much to read!! She doesn't give out study guides or power points to go along with the reading. I am scared of this test!

Today I woke up feeling feverish and took my temp. and it was 99.2. I still haven't gotten completely better from being sick a couple of weeks ago. Soo, I went to see if I could get my allergy shots today and they took my temp. in the office and it was 99.1. I got told that I couldn't get my allergy shots and I said I would try to contact my primary care phsyician and get an appointment for tomorrow. The nurse asked if my allergy doctor was able to see me that day if I wouldn't mind seeing him. Pretty soon she called my name! I was able to see him and he prescribed me an antibiotic. I just hope it does the trick! I don't have time to feel all icky!

I went to the bookstore at school today to ask about the planners they used to give out in the Fall. I was told that they stopped giving those out since you can get on the internet and look up all the information that was in them. Rats! I was hoping the lady just forgot to give me mine last week. They did sell planners and they had one that had a calendar plus room to write stuff in. I went ahead and bought that one since it had alot of what I was looking for! I will hopefully be able to get organized now!

I came to the Mudhouse to study. I had a sandwich and now it is time to get busy!

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Carolyn F said...

I hope you feel better!