Monday, August 20, 2007

Somewhat better . . .

I have had a rough week with being sick. I have ended up working most of it too! I got to work on Wednesday having a hard time talking and just not feeling good. Two nurses called in so I didn't want to be the third but I get to work and find out that I am the charge nurse on top of being sick! YUCK! I made it through the night okay. I had to be nurse ninja a few times and had to call security three times for backup! It was a wild night! I am not back to normal yet but feeling better.

I start school back up on Thursday and I am not looking forward to it. I have one class that I have to do clinical with. I am unsure how I am going to fit this in my full-time night schedule plus school. I stopped reading the sylabus for class as it was scaring me all the stuff I am going to have to do! I am sure that it isn't as bad as it seems so I will just wait till she goes over everything the first day of class. My other classes, I have no idea what to expect! They haven't been posted on Blackboard.

I haven't been able to get things organized as I had hoped. Being sick and not feeling like doing anything hasn't helped! I need to have more than just one day off from work also so I can accomplish things. That will be in almost two weeks! Totally sucks!

Here is something fun that I just happened to run across - a webcam of the eiffel tower!

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