Thursday, August 02, 2007

A day trip adventure . . .

My sister, nieces and I had quite the adventure today. One we really could have done without!!! I will have to start with the fun stuff first!

We all decided to go to Branson today to spend the day. We decided to go to Tanger Outlet mall, Moonshine Beach and Branson Landing. We got started a little later than we wanted but it was all good! I had forgetten to charge my cell phone and it was about to go dead. I put it on the charger for about 15 minutes to get some charge and left to pick up my sister and nieces. (That will be important later!)

We arrived at Tanger Outlet mall and hit a few shops, had some lunch and then headed out to Moonshine Beach. I must have had the wrong address when I got directions off of google and we ended up of course for awhile but got turned back around and tried to ask for directions with no success and then finally recognized a landmark from our trip last year and we finally made it! I had a spring float and I lounged in the water as did my sister and nieces. We had fun water time at the park! Then we tried to get all the sand off of us, change clothes to venture to Branson Landing.

No problems arriving to Branson Landing. We only had two hours to shop at this point. We did some fast shopping and even split up so we could each get to shops we wanted to go too. We ended the evening seeing the fire and water show and went and had dinner before starting our adventure back home. I really wanted a Gloria Jean's iced coffee but they had closed after we had got done with dinner.

Then the adventure home started and we had gotten about 12 miles out of Branson and we noticed a funny sound and I had a flat tire! Of course it was 9:30 pm, dark and didn't know how to change a tire! I have watched my Dad change my tire before but I have never done it before. I was also going downhill and it was too dark to see anything. I had only 7% battery power left on my phone!!! I do believe that I will be buying me a car charger even though I do plan to get me a new phone in December. My sister had her cell phone so we called our Mom to get tow truck numbers and which was difficult finding a tow truck from Springfield to Branson. We finally had to call her back to get a phone number for a Branson tow truck. We had good luck with the Branson tow truck and my car should be in Springfield by now in the Sams parking lot. My sister was able to get ahold of her boyfriend to come pick us up. Finally after an hour, we had someone to pick us up!

We are heading back in his "bucket" as he called it! It is an older car and has some problems. We finally got to Springfield barely when his car quit! It should wouldn't drive and was smelling of smoke! He thinks the transmission when out!!! So here we are standing on the side of the road because he wasn't able to get the car all the way over to the side. My sister wasn't able to get service in that area for some reason but I was able to. My phone stayed on long enough for me to call home again and just said real fast that we were stranded but in Springfield and needed to be picked up! I can't believe this getting stranded twice in one day!!! About 20 minutes later my Mom came and picked us up and took us all home. What an adventure!! I really don't want to repeat it again!

When we were in my car stranded the first time my sister said that the fun had ended! A few days ago I had a thought that I should program some tow truck numbers in my phone just in case but never did it. That wouldn't have done me any good anyways so now I am going to also enter the Branson tow truck number! I have towing on my insurance so this will be covered which was expensive from Branson to Springfield. My Mom is supposed to be at my house around 8am to take me to my car so I can get my tire fixed or get a new one.

I am off to take a shower and get this sand off of me!

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Anonymous said...

Jana, this is amazing that I ran across this log of yours. This Tom whom you took pictures of that Gloria Jean's for on this very day.

I knew all about your flat tire, and now I'm reading even more details about it. I just stumbled on this by accident while doing a blog search on Gloria Jean's.

That's so interesting to see a different angle of a day I know all too well. But are you sure it was closed? I didn't look closed. :)