Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's blogging time!!

This morning I had something I have been wanting to blog but I was too tired after work to do any blogging. While I was sleeping today, in my dreams I was trying to find a computer with internet access so I can blog! I makes me chuckle that I was dreaming this today!

This morning I finally got with my primary care physician regarding my heartburn problems. I should have done this in June when I learned that the interventions that my doctor suggested didn't work. I have lost hope in ever having complete relief from my heartburn again unless my insurance changes for the better. I was hoping that he would write this letter to my insurance to hopefully get my medicine that works approved. I didn't have that luck. Instead he made me an appointment with my GI doctor. The soonest appointment that I could get was Oct. 30! I have to wait two more months! I see my GI doctor at work occasionally and one evening he came in and wasn't rushed to get to the office and talked to me. When I told him my heartburn issues and what my primary doctor had done he told me that really the only thing left to do was to write a letter. I told the med assistant that I talked to this but it didn't do me any good soooo I have to wait for two months and in 2 1/2 months is when the benefits fair is at work. I am really hoping for a better Rx plan. This whole situation just sucks.

I have some studying to do tonight and I hope that I can sleep tonight since I have to be in class at noon tomorrow! I am going to work tomorrow afternoon on figuring out my Community Health assessment assignment.


Mother Jones RN said...

Sorry to hear about your insurance company issues. The insurance we get at our hospital really sucks, too. Every year my hospital plays "how low can you go" with their benefits. I like you blog, so I'll be back.


Jana said...

Your comment made me laugh as I can relate! It seems like that is what my hospital does too. I had a patient a couple of weeks ago tell me that "I bet you have really good insurace for working at a hosptial". I chuckled . . .