Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sickly girl

My little sore throat turned into more than allergies! I still have a sore throat, stuffy and runny nose - at the same time, coughing, and no voice! I know this has started as my allergies but had to take a wrong turn! I still had my nieces but I wasn't feeling good at all! We did have fun Sunday night at least when I was still feeling somewhat okay. Monday I woke up with everything hurting and a headache! I must have looked beat when I got up as my youngest niece asked if I was okay when I walked down the hallway!

Sunday night, we went to the Mudhouse and Jordan Valley Park. We normally go to Jordan Valley Park more often in the summer but this was the first time this summer! I took lots of pictures and even played in the water in my clothes and got soaked! I realized that we forgot to bring towels! My nieces were able to air dry as they had there swimsuits on but I was just soaked! I was glad that I had a small blanket in my trunk that I used on my seat to keep it dry. We stayed up late doing fun little things.

We really didn't get to do that much on Monday since I wasn't feeling good. I had to take Shilo to her guitar lessons and afterwards we went to Target. I wanted this slushie maker that they had in an ad the week before. It was no where to be found but I did find one that did shaved ice for slushies and snow cones! Yum! I made a Diet A&W Rootbeer slushie. Today I actually bought the syrup and made a sour cherry slushie! I need to try out the snow cone setting next!

I have been going back and forth from playing the Sims2 tonight, surfing the net and cleaning my house. I really hope to have my house somewhat organized before school starts and that is in 7 days! Out of the seven days, I have three days off from work before school starts and of course they are sleeping days. I hate it when I work every other day esp. with working the night shift!

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