Sunday, August 26, 2007

Camera news!

I decided to go to Best Buy today to see about the new Canon 40D and noticed that they don't even have the Canon 30D anymore! Canon has already discontinued the 30D before the release of the 40D! I have been emailed a date of September 20, 2007 for the release of the 40D which Best Buy is supposed to get it shipped to them on September 2, 2007! I was told that they tend to get the cameras before the official release date. :-) I have more of a reason to pay off my desktop so I can get a new camera!

The employee I was talking to told me she was taking photography classes as continuing education. I am going to have to look into that so I can learn more! She is taking business classes and hopes to be able to open her own photography studio someday. She said she has been assisting a photographer in photo shoots. That sounds like fun! I am looking forward to graduating so I can pursue fun things!

I am currently at the Mudhouse trying to study. I have been trying to find an academic refill for my day planner but I have been unsuccessful. The office supply stores in my area only have 2008 calendars now. One guy got on the internet and did a search for academic day planner refills but we couldn't find any! Soooo, I am out of luck. My Dad has made his own on Microsoft Excel so I am going to have to see how he did it and maybe make my own. I had bought a small academic planner but not really liking it that well. I need more room! I really need a planner so I can get track of all this clinical stuff I need to do for my Community Health class.

I guess I need to get back to trying to study! :-)

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