Friday, August 03, 2007

Tiring day (Ha Ha!)

Today turned into quite the day if last night wasn't enough. My Mom picked me up and took me to where my car was towed. I was told that there was a 3 hour wait so I ended up going back to my parents house. My Mom took me to my appointment this morning and while I was there, I got a phone call from the guy working on my car. He told me that the tire was unfixable and I would have to get a new one. I said that was fine and he never said anything about the other tires and I figured they were fine.

After my appointment, my Mom dropped me off since my car was done. While I was waiting to get my key, I noticed my ticket hanging on the wall with "Needs 3 tires ASAP!!" in large letters. I was upset!!! I asked them why they didn't tell me this when they called so I could just get all new tires. The guy I was talking to had just gotten there and didn't know what was going on. He said he would look at my other 3 tires before I left. We walked out to the parking lot together and I noticed right off that the tread was showing on one of the tires!!!! He told me that he can't have me leave with this tire in this condition! I would have to get back in line which would be another 3 hours. So, he told me he would put my spare tire on that wheel for me. While he was changing it, he accidently broke off the stem with the lug nut on it! I couldn't believe this! He said since it his fault that the store would pay for the repair and he would tell the manager so I wouldn't have any problems. He even told me of a shop near by that they send work that they are unable to do. He was telling me that it wasn't safe to drive with only 3 lug nuts but I should be fine just going down the street.

I get down the street and explain to the guy the details. Pretty soon he is coming back telling me that they would have to send this part out since the stem wouldn't come loose and that would take a whole day. I wasn't pleased with his attitude when I was asking about what else I could do as he just walked away from me and didn't answer me. Sooo, I called the manager at Sam's to let them know what happened and if I took my car somewhere else if they would still pay for it. He suggested me taking it to the dealer so that is what I did. Finally by 4pm, I had that problem fixed.

I headed to pay my car insurance and get a refund on my towing bill. I asked if my insurance offered any roadside assistance and I got told yes! It is already included in my insurance! I found that out a little too late! She told me that all I had to do was to call an 800 number and they would have called to find me a towing truck and I wouldn't have had to pay anything, the insurance would have taken care of the whole thing. I am glad to know this info now and have this in my car and need to get this in my cell phone. I also got me a car charger for my cell phone so I hopefully won't have the same situation with my phone again.

Then I went to Sam's to get reimbursed for the repair and I asked for the manager to start out with. He came up and was very pleasant and I had no difficulty getting reimbursed for the repair. That has been the easiest thing of my whole day! I still need 3 tires so I have to somehow get this done this weekend. I really think that the employee that didn't see my tire with the tread all worn out needs some talking to. If the customer can spot this then someone who deals with tires everyday should be able too.

I ended my day with a frozen coffee at Borders! Yum! They have changed the cafe and I really like the way the coffee taste in the frozen drinks better than I do the ones at Barnes & Noble!

I think I need to play a little bit of the Sims2 tonight if I can stay awake!

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hi, meow.

Sorry to read about your misadventure.

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p/s: Drive carefully especially at night.