Friday, August 24, 2007

First day of school

I got to school early to buy my expensive textbooks! WOW!! 2 books and it was $140!!! At least this time they are hardback. I hate it when I spend that much on softcover books. I had a class this summer but it was mainly online so I didn't get to see the changes that they made till today. The school purchased more computers and upgraded Microsoft. Now we have to sign into each computer with our student id which we didn't have to do before. They even made new classrooms with fancy equipment. Both of my classes are in each of these new classrooms. They are way back in the building and trying to walk to the library on our breaks and back is difficult! I had to ask one of my teachers something and then reprint something in the library and I was late coming back to class!

My first class was Old Testament. I was getting to class about 20 minutes early and sat down near someones stuff not knowing who I was sitting by. It turned out to be a girl I work with! I was happy that I am taking a class with someone I know! She is in the ASN program and I am in the BSN program so we never did talk about our schedules at work not knowing we would end up in a same class. She said she is taking New Testament in the Spring and I will be too! We will have to try to get in the same class! Makes learning better with friends!

My Old Testament class was short and sweet today. He only kept us an hour which helped break up my day better. He went over the syllabus and said a few things and then let us go. I guess next week after all the reading we have to do this week that he will be keeping us the whole time. We have quizzes every time we meet- with today being an exception. He gave us the quiz today to have to fill in when we do our reading and then next week at the end of class we will take the quiz. It doesn't sound like a hard class, just lots of reading!

I had a three hour break from class so I had time to have some lunch and do some errands. I even had time to hang out at Borders for awhile! I had went to an office supply store to get a new insert for my planner to only learn that they just have 2008 calendars for planners. Mine ended in July so I figured that I would be able to get more refills to finish out the year. They stopped selling 2007 calendars in June. I will have to try another supply store. I bought a small academic calendar and don't really like it.

I went back to school for my second class, Community Health. This is the class that I have been stressed about because of this clinical time we have to do. I was hoping after going to class that my stress would go down from it but it didn't help! One good thing is that she accepted my CPR card that I had! I wasn't sure how I would be able to get a CPR class in to be able to do this clinicals. We have to do 45 hours of clinical and I thought we would be at a certain site but we aren't. We are picking and choosing a few different things but it seems like everything is during the day when I am sleeping. I will be missing out on a lot which I was afraid off! That didn't help the stress of having to do clinicals. I just need to sit down and go over all the stuff she gave us and email her. I really like my instructor for this class and she is also my advisor now since my other advisor took a new position. I was able to talk to her today about these correspondence courses and get her signature to be able to start one.

I was hoping when I got home to make a game plan and organize a calendar of what I need to do when but ended up falling asleep! That doesn't surprise me with what little sleep I got the night before. I still feel like sleeping but I need to be able to sleep most of the day since I work Friday night.

I think for the rest of the early morning hours I need to work on cleaning up my little bonus room and my desk. I can't seem to concentrate with clutter! :-) Then I might be able to concentrate on my studies!

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