Thursday, August 23, 2007

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Today is my first day back to school for the Fall semester. I am not looking forward to it at all! I got even more unexcited when I finally got into blackboard to print out the syllabus. My teacher for my Community Health class posted documents that we need to bring to class on the first day. One of the documents I have a feeling I am going to have a problem with which is my CPR card. I have my card but it is for Heartsaver AED and I need a BLS for healthcare provider card the one I don't have! I won't be able to start clinicals without having one. I am not required on my floor to have the BLS CPR card. Which I actually think that is what they only give out now but a year ago they still did it by what floor you worked on and what you would need to know for the type of patients on your floor. I am sure that I will have to somehow take the CPR class a year early than I thought I was going to have to just so I can finish this class. I will get more detail tomorrow but I am sure that is what I will be told.

I am still not back to my normal self. My throat still hurts some and my ear! I am sure this is from my sinuses but it needs to go away!!! Since I slept most of the day I have been unable to go to sleep tonight! That will make for an interesting day at school! I have to be there for 8 hours tomorrow. My nieces start school in the morning also. I will have to find out how there first day of school went if I get out of class a little early!

Nothing exciting has been going on. I have been working about every other day which when you work nights, you don't get to spend time with family and friends. I was really hoping to get with my nieces before school started but my work schedule didn't permit it. :-(

Something I learned today was about a new Canon camera coming out this September! I have been waiting till I get my desktop paid off before getting the Canon 30D. I figured it would be sometime this fall. I got an email today about Canon coming out with the 40D in September of 2007! At the same price of the 30D! WOOHOO!!! I am looking forward to researching what is new in the 40D and see what might be best. I might be able to get the 30D for cheaper too since a newer model is out. *Happy Dance* I am ready to go from nursing to photography! :-)

I should get my stuff together for the morning and try to get some sleep. I know I will end up falling asleep about the time I should be waking up! Hopefully, I will get a few hours at least.

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