Sunday, August 12, 2007

Long weekend!

I am excited about my extended weekend. I am only getting this because I have to go to an inservice at work on Tuesday. I am really excited for my nieces to spend the night Sunday! I have been thinking of things we can do together.

I woke up today with a sore throat and have felt kinda icky all day. My ears feel clogged up from the sinus pressure. I really hope that I wake up feeling better instead of worse! I have been trying all summer to find a time that my nieces can spend the night and it looks like this will be my last chance before school starts.

I have been enjoying my bonus room more since I have had the window a/c. I can play my Sims, scrapbook, surf the net in comfort! It is great! I went last night to Hobby Lobby and bought me an acrylic paint set and some brushes. I haven't really created anything yet, just playing around with a canvas mixing colors. I also got some additives to make my paint have a metallic look! So fun! My nieces might have some good ideas for me!

I am going to see what I can create!


~Ane~ said...

enjoy your weekend, and I hope you get to feel better!!

Carolyn F said...

A room of your own sounds so nice. Hope you feel better soon!