Sunday, August 10, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

Today is a nice and relaxing day! I love days where I can do what I want - no appointments or anywhere to be. I can just go along with my business without worrying what time it is. It seems like these days don't come often enough!!!!

Lighting and exposure

It relaxes me to know that school is starting up and I don't have to go back!!! It makes me feel like I have really accomplished something. I have enjoyed being able to take continuing education classes for no credit. I am learning things that I want to learn. I really love photography and want to learn more!! I am planning to sign up for a portrait photography class later this year and just got my work schedule fixed so I can. I really want to take intermediate photography but I will have to wait on that. I would love to take a photoshop class but they are all in mac format. I don't have a mac so I am not sure if these classes will benefit me.

This week I have a CRAZY work schedule!!  I am working every other day for about 1 1/2 weeks.  When you work the night shift, that is hard on you!  I also have a hard time getting anything done since I am sleeping all day and don't arouse till late.  I am going to try to make the best of this and maybe stay up and scrapbook or something.  I have a few challenges off a few MB that I could work on.  I really want to start on Phoebe's album.  

Yesterday, I woke up and decided I had better get my yard work done.  I had a tree limb fall in my front yard from my big tree.  This limb was more like a smaller tree!!  I realized I wasn't going to be able to move this thing on my own!!  I worked and got the smaller limbs trimmed off and mowed around it the best I could.  I called my Dad to see if he would be able to cut if up for me so I could get it out of my yard.  He came over later and cut it into smaller pieces for me.  I am glad that this limb that has been in my front yard for over a week is gone!!!!  I got my yard work done just in time as it started to sprinkle when I was finishing mowing my lawn and then it rained the rest of the day.  The clouds made for it being much cooler to mow!  

I have been working every so slowly getting my house more organized.  I am trying my best to get myself back on track of how I did things before I went back to school.  I wasn't totally organized then but I was much better than I am now!  I am almost done getting things looking more organized.  I just need to finish with the kitchen.  I tend to lay things on the counters and my dining room table to look at later and before you know it, it has piled up!  I am tempted to opt out of some of the mail I get.  That would help out a lot!!!  It seems like I shred most of my mail I get!

I had a little mishap with my Blackberry Pearl on Friday.  The trackball has quit working.  Or it won't scroll down!  I can only access the first 4 icons on the phone but then I can't scroll down to select anything.  So frustrating!!!  AT&T wouldn't let me get insurance on this phone since they consider it a data phone.  I am glad that it is still under warranty or I would be out of luck!!!  I called and they are sending me a replacement phone.  I am not sure if it is going to be refurbished or not but I just hope nothing else happens!!  If this happened outside of my year warranty, I would have to get a new phone.  I really really want the iphone but trying to hold out till I can upgrade!

It has gotten a little quiet in the Mudhouse.  Soon, the colleges will be back in session and it won't be as quiet!  I need to enjoy it while I can!


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