Monday, August 11, 2008

Ready, set, ACTION!!!

Yesterday I finally sat down with the latest issue of Digital Scrapbooking and went to the websites to get actions for photoshop. I have never used actions before but have been wanting to learn since I finally got Photoshop CS3. I had no idea that they would be free!!! I have found a ton more that are free! Now I just need time to load them on my desktop and actually play around with them some. I might get to that Tuesday evening!

I got my Blackberry delivered from Fed Ex already!! I am attempting to restore my old phone into my new phone. It seems as if the program has froze or something. I really hope this will work!! I just figured out how to separate my emails from my text messages. I hope I can get back to working order soon!!!

My lists notebook

I actually need to ge getting some more sleep. I only slept about 4 hours and then Phoebe wanted up! She is actually taking a nap at my feet so now would be the perfect time!!

I am finally getting around to posting my a little notebook I made for my list I like to make! I saw this on the cover of Papercrafts magazine and had to make one!!



- Brenda - said...

Jana - this is so cute! I love the colors of the letters :) Your kitties are so sweet! Thanks for visiting my blog - hope you come back soon and I will be coming back to visit yours too!

- Brenda - said...

OOPS - I meant the colors of the circles going down the side of your list book - silly me :)