Sunday, August 31, 2008

Paris and London here I come!!!

After a very wild week, I ended it with something exciting!!! I still need to share about my wild week. Maybe later today when I hang out at the coffee shop!!

After a year of talking about planning a trip to Paris and London, I finally booked my trip!! I am soooo excited! I didn't get to as many days as I wanted in Paris but I decided to take what I could get! I am spending 5 days in London and then 3 days in Paris. I was able to google my hotels I am staying at and see what they are near. I am going to start planning what I want to do in each city! If any one has tips for me, comment me!!

I also want to get me a camera bag that I can also use as a purse. I have a Canon 40D and it has to go on this trip!! I don't want to carry my purse plus my camera bag. I want to combine these!! I also can only have my carry-on and one personal item for my flight. I have thought about getting a crumpler camera bag. I can't decide from the 5 million dollar home or the 6 million dollar home. I have some research to do! I might find another camera bag that would work better but I love the looks of the crumpler bag!

My allergies have been in high gear lately. It is ragweed season and that is my worst season!! I was doing find till last night I drove with my moonroof open. Then I couldn't breathe! I still feel that way today. I have got to get my yard mowed with or without these allergies! I might have to get my mask out today.

My pup Phoebe has fallen asleep next to me! She has finally worn herself out and has decided it was nap time. She has sooo much energy and it takes her a while to poop out!

I need to take my allergy medicine, let it kick in and then start with my fun day!!



~Ane~ said...

oh that is so fun!!!! I've been to both places so if you need any tips or have any questions please ask!!!

I'm thinking about a photagrophy class as well. but I just started working so I might just have to wait a little. oh and I'm thinking of a Nikon D300!!!!
anyway, have fun in Europe and take a short trip to Norway while you're here as well;)

Janet said...

oh WHAT fun!!! I loved Paris so much :-)

Postcards from Paris & the Loire Valley said...

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