Monday, August 18, 2008

Memories . . . .


This LOL cat pic made me laugh so hard when I saw it!!! It reminds me of a friend of mine that now likes overseas. He loves Michael Jackson and would follow what he was up too. Michael Jackson actually lives in the country that my friend lives in. Or at least the last I heard he still was there. My friend would come over and would do the moon walk in my living room all the time since I have hardwood floors. He would always make me giggle! Then one morning he stopped by for a visit and we started taking pictures and he was making funny poses and one was something Michael Jackson would do! I kinda miss those fun little visits that he would make. I hope that someday he can make it back to America!! I actually need to take some pics of the town for him to show him some of the differences in the last year since he left. I realized some of the changes that he might not be aware of. That will give me a chance to play around with my camera! I hope to do that this weekend!

I am off to the post office for a bit and then back home for a nap!


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