Sunday, August 17, 2008

An icky week needs LOL cats!!!

I have been working every other day for a week now. I am have been exhausted of all the events from the last week and haven't been able to do my plan of sleeping all day and staying up all night. I have been sleeping a few hours and then sleeping all night. *sigh* I am sooo ready for my 4 day weekend!!!


Last Tuesday was a great day! I had to work the night before so I got a few hours of sleep and meet up with some SJ friends! It was great evening reconnecting with my SJ friends!

Events that happened on Wednesday has got me furious!! There is a particular nurse that I work with that seems to want to socialize with people more than be a nurse. A few weeks ago I had an incident with this nurse going into one of my patients rooms and I overheard her say that she was there all night and if they need anything to let her know. She wasn't the nurse, I was!!!! I was upset but I didn't say anything.

Then last Monday night I was rather tiffed at this same nurse. She kept going into my pts rooms again and not taking care of her own. She had one of her pts furious because she was in pain and she wasn't bringing in the pain meds. The pt came up to me but then she heard it and made it sound like no one had told her. We are always telling her that her pts want something and she takes forever to get them pain meds or whatever they are asking for. Every time she tried to talk to my pts or the family, I would jump in and let them know I was the nurse and what could I do to help them? I finally made it through that night and thought nothing of these issues.

Wednesday night comes around. I ended up with a new team because that nurse had my team. I thought to myself that might be good since she kept wanting to take care of those pts the other night. But she had also had a few pts that I had which I didn't know. So here we go again with her talking to my pts and my pts family members. Every time I turned around she was in one of my rooms. She came up to me and told me that one of my pts husband wanted her as the nurse. I just looked at her and then walked away. I hadn't had any problems with my pts all night till she started talking to them. I had never meet that husband for him to be able to compare me to this other nurse. He just stopped by to see his wife on his way to work. Then it all hit the fan when another one of my pts - which she had been talking to the family of this one - asked if they could have her as the nurse as they didn't know me that well. I blew up and I was talking to another nurse in the hallway about this situation that she is causing me. And guess what?? She was in one of my pts rooms when I was discussing her with the charge nurse that evening. She might have heard my frustrations but I was trying to be quiet and not cause a scene. I had a talk with the family of the one pt and she just told me that they had her the night before and just wasn't familiar with me. They still had me as there nurse.

Later, the charge nurse told this nurse about the situation that she was causing. She tried to come up to me later and pat me on the back. I told her to leave me alone. All night she was kissing my behind because I was mad at her. She was trying to get me to go to lunch with her. No way was I going to have lunch with her after that!! I don't trust her as she has been in trouble before for things and tries to turn it around on someone else.


Thursday, I had a dentist appointment which went good. I had only had two hours of sleep!!! My pup, Phoebe wasn't letting me sleep that day. I am just glad I didn't have to go to work that night! I of course slept that night.

Friday, was a busy night but I ended up with a new team again. This is one of the downfalls of working every other day is that you end up with a new team almost every time. It has worked out for me that way! It started out with a bang!!! I was told I was getting a pt from PACU and then found out I was getting another. Then while I was getting report from day shift, PACU was wanting to call me report. I was finished up with the day shift nurse, the second nurse from PACU called to give me report on my other pt. I got on the phone and told who ever the lucky nurse who got me first that I was the nurse for the other pt too and to tell them to just hang up and talk to me when she was done. That is what we did. I almost asked to bring them up at different times so I can get each pt settled. But I didn't, and I should have. They both came at the exact time!! They both wanted the nurse at the bedside. I announced I was the nurse and whoever gets in bed first, I will be in that room and then will go to the next one. It actually went quite smoothly and was able to get everyone settled.

While these pts were getting settled in there rooms, the roommates weren't happy that they were getting roommates. a family member of one made a scene at the nurses station because they wanted a private room. Then the pt of in the other room stormed out of her room because of the new pt. She wouldn't go back into her room and the charge nurse took care of that situation while I got my surgery pt settled. We had to move her to another room because of her attitude. I had a difficult time with her later also. She was just rude! Then she decided she was going to be good she told me. I was thankful for that!!! I didn't have anymore problems after she said that.

I finally got everyone settled and happy! It was a busy night but it wasn't a bad night. I had pts happy I was there nurse and telling me that they liked me. That always makes me feel good after night like Wednesday!!

I really need to take a nap so I can get prepared for my night shift at work!!!


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