Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sneaky Mohela

A few months ago I got a letter from Mohela stating what my payments would be with different plans they offer for student loan repayment. The 10 year plan showed that my payment would be about $122. I thought not bad and decided to leave it alone and not do the other plans. I found out last week that my student loan payment is actually going to be almost $400 a month on the 10 year plan. They want the first payment in December. I am not happy with this payment that they want!! I am having to make cuts in things to be able to afford this. I only got a 50 cent raise when I graduated - not enough to compensate for a $400 student loan payment!!!

I am actually still paying for RN school. I am closer to paying that one off but I still have a payment with them. I am hoping to all Mohela tomorrow to see what is up with this and what can be done. I must have misunderstood something in that later I got a few months ago. I still have a copy of it.

I did google loan repayment for RN's and found something that should become available again at the beginning of the year. I could get 60% of my loan paid for if I agree to work where I am for 3 years. I am really considering it! I am going to see what other options are out there to see what I can do. It is time to redo the budget and cut some things that I can do without.

I was going to work on my budget while at the Mudhouse today but can't find my Quicken 2007 disk. I have it on my desktop so I will have to work on that later tonight. Instead I have been working on my photography homework. I got my wireless remote out and did some pics outside this evening. Here is my fav of me:


I was having a hard time figuring out where to stand! There were times that I was out of focus but the background was in focus. Kinda cool but not what I was going for!

Phoebe was having a blast running outside! I was running and playing with her which got her even more wild! I think she loved playing in the leaves on the ground!


Today she was going to be graduating from intermediate class. I had miss one class because of Phoebe's hip surgery and another couple have missed some too. We all decided to work on what is going to be on the test and graduate next week. I need to work with Phoebe on heeling. She does pretty good but yet she likes to take off sometimes! We have homework to do this week!

Next Saturday the dog park opens here!! I plan to go to the grand opening celebration with Phoebe. I am looking forward to see what the dog park will be like!

I am off to go home and work on my budget and things I need to get done.



Musicmom-Amy said...

What a beautiful picture of you Jana!! And YIKES!!! On that cange in loan payments. Definately figure that one out. It seems pretty crazy.

james83 said...
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janet said...

Jana, that picture of you is so nice! Phoebe looks so cute...sounds like she is doing well! I can't believe $400/month. That is way too much for someone to pay! Good luck figuring it out. Have a good weekend.