Monday, June 08, 2009

The rest of the computer story

I am not happy how this story has ended and the money I have spent. I could have put a good down payment on a new computer. GGRRRR!!!!! I am seriously thinking about switching to a mac laptop. I already talked to someone about this and how I can get my windows version of Photoshop CS3 to work!

I love the PC vs. Mac commercials! I can so relate to them having a PC. I think this picture of the PC guy is the shape my laptop is in. I have only heard good things from people that use a Mac!

I dropped my laptop back off to the Computer Hospital the next day of picking it up. It was freezing up still and not letting me do anything. On Tuesday, I got a phone call that they thought that my anti-virus and spy sweeper was using a lot of CPU's to run. They wanted to remove them to see if that helps my situation so I told them to go ahead. I had the programs at home to be able to reload. Then I didn't hear anything.

I was getting concerned and called on Saturday. He was getting ready to call me to tell me I had a bad hard drive. I wasn't happy that Geek Squad didn't catch this as my service plan would have paid for this!!!! I was uncertain what to do but they had already did a ghost image of my old hard drive to a new one. I really thought they would call me first before doing anything like that. I said I wanted to call Best Buy since they should have caught this.

I call The Geek Squad and they told me they would have to run diagnostics to my laptop again. I told them I know what is wrong and they missed it the first time. They still had to run diagnostics. They couldn't guarantee me that they would replace the hard drive if the diagnostics came up negative again. I have been so upset in regards to my service plan this time. I will never buy one again from Best Buy!!!! I was getting the run around.

I decided to wait and call the Computer Hospital back the next day to give all this some thought. I had asked other people about this and what they would do and they weren't sure either. On Sunday, I had decided to let the Computer Hospital to go ahead and install the new hard drive and to forget the Geek Squad since they were giving me the run around. I now have my laptop back with all my old stuff on a new hard drive. It isn't freezing up!!! So nice! I am done with the Geek Squad!!

Since I paid for Geek Squad to repair my laptop and they never did, I feel like I deserve my money back. I have already asked them for my money back the day I picked up my laptop. The guy told me to figure out another way to back up my computer and I could bring it back on the 30 day guarantee for a restore. I didn't push the issue anymore. I am ready to push the issue since all this should have been covered under my service plan. I was too busy today and didn't get to pursue this. If I have to, I will file a complaint with the BBB for the service I received.


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Elizabeth said...

Hi Jana!

My name is Elizabeth, Community Supervisor for Best Buy. We frequently review customer postings online to learn more about our customers' experiences and offer assistance when necessary.

I can definitely understand your frustration to have to return your laptop to the store multiple times, and I am sorry you didn't find our Geek Squad Agents as helpful as they could have been.

I'd be glad to make sure this feedback is documented and forwarded to the right people, in addition to seeing if there are any other resolution options available. If you're interested, please send me an email at with your name, service order numbers, and the customer service pin numbers from your purchase receipts (for the services charged, not for the laptop), and I will do my best to get back with you as quickly as possible.

I hope to hear from you! Have a nice weekend!

Community Supervisor
Best Buy Corporate