Friday, October 09, 2009

Cold, jam packed day!

I hate the cooler weather we are having. We went from being warm to cold. I like a nice subtle introduction to the cold. All the rain we have had has made it cold! The only good thing out of this will be the killing of the pollen! I need that to be done badly!

I am tired as I didn't get my nap today! I got up early and was actually dressed at 0945! That doesn't happen very often. I decided since i was going to be gone all day to have Phoebe in Doggie Day Camp at Petsmart. I had a free coupon and I was able to get her in today on such a short notice! Phoebe was soo excited when we got there. You can watch them in the play room and Phoebe was greeted by all the other dogs sniffing her! It was funny and I am not sure she knew what to think about it. She didn't care about me standing outside the glass so I left.


I went and got my allergy shots, had a little lunch, mailed rolodex cards and then was off to Branson! I had signed up to get a free Chicago vacation a year ago by listening to a timeshare presentation. It was about to expire so I finally got scheduled to get my vacation.

I finally get to the place in time for my appointment. The lady at the desk told me I would have to wait for an hour!! I told her that I was on a time schedule and I had a 1330 appointment and can't stick around if I had to wait. She got on the phone and had someone to start this presentation. The guy happened to own a bar in my town and I had been to it before. I remember this particular band that I went to see and so we got to talking about that band. I loved Dead Eye Dick back in the day and still have there CD somewhere! I need to find it now.

The presentation was looonnnggggg. I was told it would take 90 minutes but it took 2 1/2 hours! Kinda cut into my plans a little. It was interesting listening to the timeshare and wasn't sure what to think about it. I would love to be a world traveler more than I am now and I felt like this would help me accomplish this. I didn't understand the "owning" your vacation vs. "renting" your vacation. It is still money I won't see again and I didn't understand where the equity part of this came into play. I was tempted but I knew I couldn't afford another monthly payment plus I wanted to understand it better. Since I decided not to do this I had to sign a waiver that I wouldn't be eligible for the Platinum package as it was for first time customers. If I can see in the future if this would work for me I am just out of luck. I guess it just wasn't meant to be but I do have a vacation to Chicago to use in the next year. I need to figure out when I can use it!

Then I went to the scrapbook store and then did a fast job through Branson Landing. It was too cold to enjoy Branson Landing plus I need to get back home to pick up Phoebe before Petsmart closed. I was able to accomplish what I wanted to and then I headed home.


Now Phoebe and I are tired! Phoebe is actually napping on my bed with me. She normally is chasing the cats! My plan of having a tired puppy with putting her in Doggie Day Camp has worked!! I actually might go to bed early tonight too. I got up way to early this morning!

I have another full day again tomorrow! :-)



Amooretto said...

I would say that you had a very jam-packed day!

I didn't know that Petsmart did a day camp. That is totally cool. Gives me an idea for sometime in the future.

I can't believe you had to sit thru that long of a presentation. We'll actually, I do. My SIL keeps trying to get us to sit down on one that they are in and I'm like...I don't want one, so why sit thru the torture? I know I get a FREEBIE at the end, but it's not worth it with 3 kids in tote! hahaha

Enjoy your cool weather. Push it toward FL would ya? ;)

Julie said...

I have never had to sit thru a timeshare thing, and now I dont think I want to. I get calls for them all the time. Is Petsmarts daycamp expensive? This may be an option that I did not know about

lori said...

what a day jana!! looks like phoebe had a good time...

we have sat through those timeshare things way tooo many times. they just NEVER get a commitment or any of our money.

good job on the blog!!