Saturday, August 21, 2010

I ♥ downtown!!

I have always enjoyed going downtown for my fave coffee shop, The Mudhouse.  Now we have a cupcake shop and Bistro Market.  :-)

A few years ago, a petition was put up to get a Trader Joe's in downtown.  I signed it as I thought it would be a good thing to have downtown.  We have never had a Trader Joe's and I was curious about what they had.  When I went to St. Louis earlier this year, I visited one.  It was a grocery store with more whole foods.  I try to eat more whole foods so I can see that I would like one in my town.  I guess the petition fell through.

Bistro Market

Just last Friday, a grocery store chain opened up a Bistro Market in the downtown area.  I have been excited about this!  They have fresh fish which has never been frozen.  That made me think how does it get to the midwest without going bad?  I am sure they have other ways of keeping fish fresh as it is being transported.  They have more whole foods & have local farmers produce.  Bulk grains, cereals.  I even noticed you can make fresh cashew, almond or peanut butter!  I haven't tried that yet but want to soon!  Then they have have a hot food bar and a salad bar open with an eatery area.  They also have a gelato bar!  I haven't tried gelato yet but I plan too soon!  They even have a Starbucks inside but I prefer The Mudhouse!  I visited the first time today and got me a few groceries.  It has been packed since it opened!  I hope that it continues to be popular!

Bistro Market

The cup

It was a year ago when I was in St. Louis that I wanted to visit a cupcake shop.  We didn't have any in my area at the time and wanted to experience it!  I searched the internet and found one.  I didn't go as I was going to visit on my way back home which was a Sunday.  I found out they are closed on Sundays. In July, I was at a sub shop downtown and I noticed nearby was a cupcake shop getting ready to open up in a couple of weeks downtown!  It happens to be a branch of the one I wanted to visit in St. Louis!  It is called The Cup.  I was excited and finally made it tonight.  I decided to get the Italian Creme cupcake and it was yummy!!!  I found out that Monday they are going to have a Triple Key Lime cupcake so I have to go back!!

The Cup

The Cup

Then someone on the sidewalk did some chalk art!  I had never seen this before and they did a good job!!


That was my excitement tonight!  :-)



Amooretto said...


I would love to have a Bistro Market or Trader Joe's around me.

janet said...

Great pictures, Jana! So...did you find out how they get the fish there without freezing it?? LOL! I would wonder that too.

Anonymous said...

What a fun blog, Jana. I'd never heard of Trader Joe's until you mentioned it. The cupcakes look yummy. -Nylene

Kelly R said...

It is ksmoner from Two Peas. Sorry it took me so long to visit. I love Trader Joe's as you know. I still hope TJ's comes to your area. The prices are so low for a whole food type store.
Great blog Jana!