Sunday, September 26, 2010

Loft walk fun!

I am behind in blogging again.  It doesn't surprise me!  I used to be so good at blogging but I am tired a lot and I think my cute pug contributes to it!  Phoebe woke me up with puppy kisses at 0630 today!

I have had a great day!  I did take a nap this morning after being woken up by the cutest pug!  After she eats, she is ready to go snuggle again!  After my nap, I got up to have some loft walk fun!  I ended up connecting with a friend from work on facebook and him and one of his friends meet up with me.  It made it more fun!  Then we ended up running into someone else we work with.

Loft walk kitty

One loft had a Persian cat and it made me think of my cat Chloe.  She is part Persian but doesn't have the flat face.  I got a picture of this cat!  The quality of the picture isn't the best as I was trying not to use my flash and had to turn my ISO up.  The cat finally let me pet it a little!  I am a cat/pug lover!

The weather has turned rather chilly here.  I was outside with Phoebe before leaving and it was cooler but not to bad.  By the time I got to C-street, it was cloudy and misty!  It was cold!!!!  I was glad that I did wear jeans as I was going to wear my Capris & flip-flops!  I had wished I had brought my jacket.  It would warm up a little then start getting cool and misty again.  At least we were walking in and out of warm lofts!

I always love attending the loft walks and seeing the different way people decorate.  It always gives me good ideas.  I have come to the conclusion that I need an IKEA catalog!  A few lofts were decorated with stuff from IKEA and I was in love!  I have never been able to visit the store since it is quite a few hours away from me.

I am excited about Dexter tonight!  It is the opening of season 5!


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