Sunday, May 08, 2011

Artsy Weekend!

It has a busy but fun weekend!  I always enjoy the first weekend of May for Artfest on Walnut St.!  Friday night was the Downtown First Friday Art Walk the the weekend was the Artfest.  Also on Saturday was National Scrapbook Day (NSD).

Artfest on Walnut St.

My sister and I went downtown and checked out a few venues full of art.  It was really busy so it was hard to see all the art.  Parking is always an issue downtown.  There are no cruising signs up every where but I am waiting for the day that I get stopped for cruising when I am only trying to find a place to park my car!  It makes me wish I was able to push a button in my car like George Jetson.  He turns his car into his briefcase.  I never understood why he was always trying to find where he parked though.  Shouldn't he just have a button in his briefcase to turn it back into his car?  I didn't notice that till I was older and watching The Jetson's one day when my nieces were younger.

Saturday I went to the LSS to celebrate NSD.  I attended Super Saver Scrapbooking, did the make-n-takes and then did a little shopping.  I almost over slept as I decided to take a nap and slept through my alarm.  I am glad that I woke up and made it to my class!

After my scrappy fun, I went home to pick up my dog and went to Artfest!  It was a fun adventure but Phoebe always gets so hot!  She makes me nervous since pugs can't tolerate heat well.  I was glad that various artist had bowls of water out for the dogs.  I will often buy bottled water and make sure she gets lots to drink.  We will also sit in the shade and just enjoy the people and music!  Phoebe just loves adventures!

Then we went home to chill for a bit and then I took Phoebe to the park.  We just walked around and I was noticing some areas to do some photography someday.  Since we have had a lot of rain, the ground was quite soggy!  Here is a picture of Phoebe in my car.  She gave it her pug approval!  :-)




Mae said...

Aww you're Phoebe is adorable and it looks like you had fun. What do you specialize in?

Cori said...

Hey Lady! I'm so jealous I missed out on National Scrapbook Day!! Looks like you had a great time tho!!

Kresil - Nurse midwife Program said...

Cute Dog :p

And Congratulation for your graduation :)