Saturday, May 07, 2011

Finally after 10 years . . . . .

I have been busy with work and also a little vacation in April.

While i was on vacation in April, the car I had for 10 years irritated me.  I had just went to Sam's, had a trunk full of various items including perishable items.  I get home and the trunk on my car decides to not open!  The release button sounded like the motor was stuck.  GRRR!!!!  I had a hatchback so I was able to crawl into the back seat and lower the seats to get my items out.  I worked with my key some more after getting my items out and figured out a way to get the trunk open.  Phew!  It was annoying and inconvenient.

Then a few days later, I was heading to St. Louis.  I just hoped my trunk release behaved and didn't go out anymore than it already had.  I have been told by people that I needed a new car.  This Integra had been the best car I had owned.  I also like the fact that it was paid for!


When I got back from St. Louis, I decided to at least look at used cars at Acura.  I wanted another Acura as they have been good cars for me.  I had an '86 Integra prior to my "98 Integra.  When I looked at the cars, they had gotten bigger and more expensive in the last 10 years.  After talking with a salesman, I test drove an Acura TSX.  It had all the luxury features like seat warmers, leather seats, bluetooth and more.  It was nice but I just wasn't in love.  It was too much car for me.  I was more curious about seeing an Acura RSX but they don't make them anymore.  They didn't have one on the lot.  I was content with not coming back and just keeping my car for another 10 years that day.

A few days later, the car salesman calls me to tell me they had an RSX on the lot!!  Someone had traded one in.  I was excited to see this car and was able to the next day.  The car was very sharp and had been taken car of.  I liked how it drove.  After talking and doing some dealing with interest rates and my payment options I asked If I could take the car out again but without a salesman.  I wanted to make sure this was what I wanted before making a final decision.  I drove it around and even took it over to my parents house so they could see it.  They thought it was a nice car.  I was pretty sure I was going to buy the car at this point.


I went back to the car lot and said I would buy the car since they were giving me the interest rate and working with me on my payment.  I was trading in my old car for a down payment.  They only gave me $1000 for my old car but it had a few exterior blemishes that needed repair.  Like the power antenna, trunk release, side view mirror was busted, the misting on the windshield wipers was wimping out.  It was otherwise in good shape.  I signed all the papers that night but I had to take my old car home because they hadn't had time to detail the car for me.  I got to pick it up two days later.


As I was driving my Integra home after driving the RSX all day, I could tell that the RSX drove better.  I am not excited about having payments again but I like the fact that everything that wasn't working as well in my old car, worked in this car.  I will miss my '98 Integra as has been the best car with minimal repairs.  I just hope my new car treats me the same.

I keep checking to see where my old car has ended up.  I have noticed that Acura hasn't listed my Integra.  I have been doing searches on  This morning I have been up since my pup woke me up and checked and found my old car!!  I can tell it is mine for the dent above the rear passenger side wheel.  I had a little mishap backing into my garage one day quite a few years ago.  Oops!  I can tell from the pictures, they fixed the side view mirror.  It looks great!!  I am just curious who will end up buying it.  I miss my Integra but love my RSX!


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Dante Mallet said...

Ahh, that feeling when you have a new car: just perfect. There are times when you will miss your old ride. Just hope that the new one will give you good memories, just like the old one.