Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friends, Photography & Scrapbooking

I have had a busy last 5 days off from work. On Wednesday night I went and had dinner with some friends and then we ended up hanging out at a few places. I got home about 0100. It was a fun evening. One of my friends is moving an hour away.

Thursday, I ended up sleeping most of the day. I was supposed to go to a charge nurse meeting and slept through my alarm! I did wake up in time to get ready to attend the Southwest MO Camera Club. I really enjoyed this meeting and got to interact with more of the members. I was planning on joining and still plan to but there was a lot of people around the person who does new memberships. I thought I would do it after the meeting but the meeting went longer than normal and he left before it was over. I am going to miss the next meeting because I am working. :-( I hopefully will be able to make it to next month's meetings and attend some field trips in the future.

Friday, I went to a crop at the LSS. I always enjoy going to crops and meeting new people. I did get a few things done but I need to print pictures for some of the LO's I did.

Saturday, I met up with some friends from work and we went bowling. I hadn't been bowling in a long time! It was fun and my highest score was 104! The other two games weren't that good. My total for all 3 games was 229. ♥ Then afterword we went to on of the girl's house and hung out. We ended up staying till 3am! We had a fun evening but I paid for it on Sunday!

I was looking forward to Sunday as I didn't have anything planned. I was soo tired from going to bed so late. I had woke up around noon but was back in bed about an hour later and slept till 1830! I got ready and then headed to the Mudhouse to hang out for a bit.

My 5 day weekend has come to an end and it was a fun long weekend. I am still tired from it all! ♥


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