Monday, July 20, 2009

Lazy weekend . . .

Saturday morning I got off from work and I went and visited my Grandma in the hospital. She told me she was feeling better but she seemed short of breath to me. I didn't really think much of it since she has pneumonia. On Sunday she had a chest xray to see if her pneumonia had improved and she has fluid on her lungs. That explains why she may have been short of breath also. I hope and pray for her to get better. This is her second episode of pneumonia this year. :-( Earlier this month she lost her voice and they haven't been able to figure out what has caused this. At least she is keeping a positive attitude through all this.

I was playing around one night while waiting at a stop light and got this picture:


Also Saturday morning was Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk. I really wanted to go but by the time I found out about it, it was full. :-( I thought about showing up anyway to see if I could participate but I decided visiting my Grandma was more important. Plus I had worked all night and needed sleep! I am going to have to get my nieces together and we will have to make our own photo walk! I follow the blog of the person who was leading the photowalk in our area and saw some pictures. I had meet him while talking a portrait photography class last year. I have noticed that he is in the camera club that I have been getting involved with. I ♥ photography!

On Saturday, I was pretty tired and just couldn't wake up till 2100! I was hoping to get my bike tire changed and ride my bike since the weather has been so nice. I thought I would do that on Sunday but it just didn't work out. I hope the temps cooperate this week and I can get this accomplished!

Sunday I went to one of the scrapbook stores to attend an Intermediate Design Studio class. It was fun and I have learned some new things! I had taken a nap in the afternoon before going so I thought I would be able to stay up later than what I was able to. I was hoping to play more and make something creative.

After the class, I went to the Mudhouse to chill. I just enjoy being able to relax and attempt to learn more from the web in relation to Photoshop and photography. I ended up cruising the web, looking at pictures and reading MB and didn't get everything done that I wanted. When I was getting involved in listening to a video about some photo editing, a guy decided to sit at my table. ????? I was sitting next to the bathrooms and so he decided to wait at my table. He didn't smell the greatest and I actually ignored the fact that he was at my table. I thought once the person got out of the bathroom, he would leave. The person was taking a long time so he started yelling and cussing. I was still trying to ignore it. Then an employee came by and asked what he was doing and he said he wanted to use the bathroom. He was told it was for customers only and that he had to leave. He fought for a bit and he was asked to leave and told where the door was. I had lost all concentration in learning about photo editing at this point! He finally did leave and the people at the table in front of me turned around and thought I knew this guy which I didn't. Then the employee that told him to leave came to my table to tell me that he had been bothering people in the coffee shop so he decided he needed to leave since he wasn't a customer. I was ready to leave at the point but then stayed a little longer afraid that this guy would be sitting in front of the coffee shop. When I did leave, he was no where in sight.

I did a little grocery shopping and then returned home. I decided to watch Harper's Island once I got settled at home and it started to get real interesting! I was starting to fall asleep and went to bed. Phoebe was being calm and laid down with me but then I woke up about 0600 with her jumping and playing around me! My pup recharges to quickly! She is quite adorable!

It is Monday now and I am watching more of Harpers Island but plan to go back to bed soon. I need to get more sleep to work all night. I just hope it is a good one! I have woke up feeling like I am getting a cold. I hope that isn't true!! I am sure my allergies are to blame for some of this.


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