Friday, April 30, 2010

Fire alarm incident


Last Tuesday I had a little bit of excitement at my house. I have a ADT security system in my home and it also includes the fire alarm. I have had several incidents that have set off the fire alarm. It is outside my bathroom door so if you open the door and the bathroom is steamy, it sets if off. I have learned to turn the exhaust fan on and not open the door right away and I haven't had it go off for about 1 1/2 years. The last time it went off my Mom accidentally set it off while I was in London.

When it gets warmer outside, I often will take a shower with the door open. It was rather chilly in my house that day but I decided to take a shower with the door open. As I was trying to rinse shampoo out of my hair, the fire alarm went off! I try to get the excess water out of my hair before walking to the kitchen to grab the phone. They always call to make sure it is a true fire or not before calling the fire department. I got the phone and no phone call. I waited and then realized I had a voicemail from ADT. Then they call me again and I explain that everything was fine. They told me that they had notified the fire department since I didn't answer the phone! I told them to please cancel the fire department but they said it was up to the fire department to make that decision.

I jump back in the shower since I had to be at work. I had to rush just in case the fire department did come. I didn't want them breaking my door down and me naked in the shower!! I get out of the shower and walk down the hallway to see that the fire truck is in front of my house! 4 fire men are walking towards my door and giving my house a look over. I was in a towel and didn't really want to answer the door but I did. I told them I was sorry that they came out but their wasn't a fire and I tried to tell that to ADT. I was embarrassed! Phoebe was so excited that people had come to our house. Silly pup! Then I was rushing to get ready for work! I was able to make it to work without being late.

I just hope that I don't set the fire alarm off again like that!


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