Thursday, November 04, 2010

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The Sketchbook Project: 2011

I signed up for the Sketchbook Project and got my book this week!  I am sad that I won't get my book back.  I liked the idea of it traveling to different cities and then being in the Brooklyn Art Library.  I even have a log in to see who has viewed my book.  So, I have 2 months to get this done!  Yikes!!!  I just wish it was coming to a city near me.  I would love to see the other sketchbooks also!  I took a picture to post here and Felix decided to help me!


Felix loves helping me!  :-)


The other night, I remembered that I had ordered a book about keeping an art journal earlier in the year.  I didn't remember where I had put it.  I hunted and after getting my extra bedroom more organized, searching upstairs and in the living room, I finally found it in my bedroom!  I have ran out of book cases and have some books in a rubbermaid container.  I either need to get rid of some books or get a new book case!  This book is giving me more ideas and inspiration.

Since wanting to do the sketchbook project, I have wanted to take a class at Hobby Lobby to learn how to draw.  I finally had my first class today and it was fun.  I just didn't have the correct supplies.  I had bought a small drawing pad and brought a #2 pencil from home.  She told me I needed a bigger drawing pad.  After we got started, I could see how a bigger drawing pad was better.  After class today, I bought me the supplies I needed.

When I told her I thought I missed something in art class at school, she said I didn't.  She explained that most likely they didn't teach me how to draw, just asked us to draw.  She was teaching us the concept on drawing from the right side of the brain.  She has us start out drawing a face and then our hand.  Then she asked us what we were thinking as we were drawing.  Then she explained a little more and then had us do more exercises.  It was fun and the time flew by!  By the end of the class, we draw a picture of an eye.  I feel like I need work on shading but it isn't to bad.  I felt like I did go a little far with the eyelashes.  It was a fun learning experience and I hope to go back soon to learn more!

I will have to take pictures or scan what I have done so far.


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