Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Back to reality

I got back into town 2 hours before my shift started at work and I needed sleep! I was having a difficult time staying awake at work. It was all worth it to see Macy Gray! Our census was low and patient load wasn't that bad. It was nice that it wasn't crazy busy! That morning I was all done with my work and the nurse that was taking over my patients still wasn't there at 0645 so I called her at home and woke her up! I was ready to fall on my face from sleep deprivation!! There was a nurse that was orientating someone and she was doing all the work so she took report from me and took care of the patients so I could go home! I actually was in bed by 0740 that morning and slept till 1630! I was still tired when I got up but felt better. Monday when I got off from work I kept falling asleep at home whenever I would sit down somewhere. Somehow I did get to my bed! I would wake up for about an hour and have to lay down! I am still trying to catch up on my sleep!

My classes started at the university today and I went to my first class and found out it is strictly an internet class! I was excited to here that! I was wondering how I was going to be in class for 6 hours after working a night shift! I don't have to be in class till 1900 now! I am taking Microeconomics and Statistics. I don't understand how these courses are related to nursing but they are a requirement. Statistics scare me when I look through the book. Microecomomics I am not sure what I will be learning! Both of my instructors seem like they are there to help us. I am glad about that!

I also have to ad that most men are jerks. I am not going to elaborate on that but if YOU happen to read my blog YOU know who YOU are! For some reason I tend to find the losers. ENUF said!

I am sitting in my extra bedroom watching "Shall We Dance" with Richard Gere. So far it is a good movie. I also have "The Jacket" to watch but haven't gotten to it yet. Hopefully tomorrow night I can watch it!

I am spending some time with my nieces tomorrow before they start school. I am not sure what we are going to do. We tend to like to sit at the Mudhouse, our favorite coffee shop, and just sit and talk or play a card game. I won't get to spend that much time with them now that we all are back in school and plus I have to work. I always look forward to no school days to spend with them if I can be off from work!

I am including a picture I took of Macy Gray at the concert! I have took quite a few pictures! More Later!

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