Thursday, September 01, 2005


I have been a little busy lately with work and school. I have got soo much studying to do today! I went into work yesterday extra to help out so I didn't get my studying done! I am going to go hang out at the Mudhouse today and study. I seem to get more done when I am not at home! I embarrassed myself in class the other day. I was in Statistics class and we were going over the homework going around the room answering the study guide. We get to me and I get to answer 7-3 and for some reason I wrote 5 and realized that wasn't right after I said that! We all started laughing and the teacher looked at me! OHHHH!!!!! I wonder what I was doing when I did my homework? I have survived Statistics, so far. I have a test next week and need to get my homework done and then study for my test! I also need to finish my Microeconomics homework and take a quiz today. Felix is trying to get my attention! What a cutie! I had better get going so I can start studying!

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