Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Wishing for a 12 hour mandatory

Well, I am actually at work and taking a break. I brought my laptop to work tonight to get some school work done on my break. I am learning that you cant get that much done in 30 minutes! I am not sure if I will do this again. I was called about 1800 as I was getting ready to leave my house for work and I was told we only had 14 patients and it was my turn for a mandatory. I was excited cause I had didnt feel like I was done studying. I went and changed clothes and gathered my studies and went to Barnes and Noble to study. I actually got back home about 2100 and was going to type up some notes for me to study from. The phone rang at 2215 and work is telling me that I have to come in and they were going to float me to another floor. I wasnt very happy about this because I was told that I was getting a 12 hour mandatory and I hadnt even started studying for my Microeconomics quiz. I ended up not floating because it wasnt my turn but I had to come to work. That is why I brought my laptop so I could get things done. Oh well! It hasnt been that bad tonight even though the others nurses might not say that. I have everything done and I should be able to leave at 0700! I hope I can sleep fast this morning and wake up earlier to study for my quiz in Microeconomics and my test in Statistics. Crazy life of a nurse trying to earn her BSN!

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