Monday, September 19, 2005

Still studying . . . .

Well, my HTML code is broken and I dont know how to fix it! So maybe I will post that later if I can get it to work! Just trying to have a little fun with things I have found on the internet.

I have been trying to study and I feel a little bit better about my test in Statistics tomorrow. Microeconomics I need to do a quiz and would like to get all the study questions anwered first but I kept falling asleep last night trying to do that. I have to work tonight which is making my study time to short! I need to hurry up and get the discussion board done and study for the quiz. It is open book but would like to have an idea of the chapter before taking it! Yesterday while I was studying at the Mudhouse I spilled water on the keyboard of my laptop!!! Today everything seems fine but there are random times that the quotation mark key just gets stuck and when you try to type with that key nothing happens! Great! How am I going to type papers up when keys dont work? I wouldnt mind having a new laptop . . . . . but it isnt cost effective when this one still works fairly well. I had better get back to whatever I was doing!!

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