Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Time flys when your having fun!

Last weekend went way to fast! Friday I ended up sleeping all day, just what I didnt want to do! I couldnt sleep at all Friday night cause of it! I only got a few hours of sleep Saturday morning. I finally got up and went to a new coffee house here in town and did a little research for my Microeconomics class. Then I went back home to get ready for a party at a friends house. I had a good time at my friends. We sat around and talked, played video games and played a card game. Then another friend and I went downtown and went dancing for the rest of the evening. I enjoyed myself and the company friends! Then Sunday I went to a loft walk on commercial street. I think that is the scary part of town and wouldnt want to live in a loft in the area of town! The people that live there say that it is safe - but then said they knew the cops that worked that area. To me, that isnt a good sign! I dont know the cops in the area I live in because so far I havent had any problems! They were very nice lofts. In a couple of weeks is another loft walk that is downtown. I cant wait to see that one! Then I finished up my work for Microeconomics and didnt understand my Stats homework to finish it. I couldnt believe when Sunday came cause I had to go back to work the next day! I didnt get any scrapbooking done like I was hoping! I did accomplish to bath 2 of my cats. They have appointments with the vet today for a yearly checkup and I want them to be gorgeous! Pandora and Felix has super soft fur now! They were mad at me for a while but they are over it know! Chloe always get professionaly groomed. Her hair is too long and I get it in tangles which makes for a grouchy cat! I always have my vet groom her at least once a year. I had her groomed in June this year and I have been able to keep up with her tangles. She finally enjoys being brushed since it doesnt cause pain without any knots! I hope I can keep her hair tangle free forever!

Last night was a get together with people from work at a new resaurant in town. I always enjoy going to those dinners! It started around 1630 and we were all talking and then I had to leave at 1845 to make it to class on time. Got to class and our instructor didnt grade our test from last week! Someone in class asked if he would post them on blackboard and he said no, you can see them next week! Whatever! I would really like to know how I did! We talked more about z-scores and I believe I understand it. I will find out if I really did understand it when I start the homework!

I called the extended warranty regarding my laptop and the key on my keyboard that doesnt work anymore and of course it doesnt cover it. I have yet to figure out why I bought this warranty. So far nothing that has happened to my computer has been covered! Anyway, I spent about 30 minutes on the phone talking to various tech people, some that didnt speak english very well, and found out that it was going to be at least $700 to repair the keyboard! I am looking for a new laptop! I have one picked out that I like at Best Buy so I am going to do more research on finding me a new laptop. I cant type papers in correct format for school without my apostrophe/quotation mark key! I hope I never spill water on my keyboard ever again!

I had better get something done today. Toodles!


sgim said...

Just a quick note regarding your wish for a new laptop. If you're looking for a new portable computer, I would highly reccomend a tablet pc. I bought the Fujitsu Lifebook T4010D about six months ago and couldn't be happier. There is nothing better than pen-based computing in a cafe, home on the couch, in the laundrymat, outside on the deck and on and on...

Just thought I'd throw in some advice from a very happy Inkling. :)

You can find me here: Inklings and Impressions

Nanner said...

Well, I bought me a new laptop last week. I did see those laptops but was out of my price range. Maybe someday I can get me one, they do look handy! Thanks for the info!