Friday, September 02, 2005

Lawnmowers suck

Well, I never made it to the Mudhouse today to study and still haven't sat down to study. One thing I did accomplish today is finally getting new contacts ordered and picking up my new stylish glasses! I will never wear my glasses out unless I am desperate! In the last 12 years that I have worn contacts I only had to wear my glasses once that I can recall. Just in case that I do, I want to look good! The guy at Lencrafters told me I looked good in my new glasses and that I had good taste. That made me feel good since I made the selection all on my own!

Another reason I never made it to the Mudhouse to study today is my yard. I have needed to mow for over a week now and this was the only day I could do it or it would be another week till I could get to it with my work/school schedule. Working nights and having yard work to do has been challenging, then I have to add school to make it more interesting! Anyway, my lawnmower is guzzling gas for some reason. I used to be able to mow my yard 1 1/2 times with one tank but now I can't even mow my lawn once. I got my front yard done and started on the backyard and my lawnmower died. I thought it was needing gas but it had gas in it. I went ahead and topped it off with more gas. It took me 30 minutes before I got the thing to start! I was able to get the front part of my backyard done -with my lawnmower making funny noises-and it died again and I couldn't get it to start and it was getting dark. A job that should have taken me 45 minutes was taking me twice that time! I never did get my yard done but it is done enough in the front yard for a couple of weeks so hopefully I can figure out what is wrong with my lawnmower in that time and mow the WHOLE yard! My lawnmower is only a year old and shouldn't be acting this way!! It had better straighten up!

I think I am going to put a movie in my laptop and do my homework at my kitchen table. Isn't technology wonderful?!?!?! Later . . . . .

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