Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hissy kitty!

Pandora and Felix visit to the vet wasnt a welcoming one. I got the cat carriers out and everyone splits! They know that something is going down that they are going to like! We meowed all the way to the vet! Pandora did okay and let them do what they needed without much of a fight. Felix was ready for a fight! Felix is such a calm, loving kitty. When he had things stuck where they didnt belong that was it for him! We got the hardest part over with and then when the vet came in to do the examination he hissed and growled at everybody, even his mother! The vet told Felix not to bite the hand that feeds him! I thought that was good advice for my dear little Felix! At least he didnt try to bite or scratch. The psycho cat, Rambo, that lives at the vets office didnt make an appearance at the front desk. In June when I was taking Chloe to get groomed Rambo was rubbing all over me and sat down in the chair next to me. I reached over to pet him since he was being all loveable and he BITE ME!!!! I still have the scars on my arm! It swelled up and it hurt to move my hand the more it swelled. I went to the doctor that day and he put me on antibiotics. I have taken care of patients in the hospital with cat bites and they can get pretty nasty and I didnt want to be one of those patients. It healed up fine but I dont like Rambo! But anyway, Pandora and Felix was happy to be at home and I thought that they wouldnt pay attention to me the rest of the day but they have. They are probably thankful I didnt leave them there! :-)

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