Friday, September 30, 2005

2 peas in a bucket

I signed up a long time ago on the 2 peas in a bucket website but never really went back to it. I was reading various blogs and then was linked back to 2 peas in a bucket website and was reading about a challenge about 10 weird things about yourself. I have been reading all kinds of blogs from various scrapers and there list. I thought I would make a list too and it is:

  1. I am allergic to cats and have 3 cats. (I didnt realize that I was allergic to cats till I had an allergy test done when I was 21 and I had a cat for 5 years already. My allergy doctor tells me I would be a new women if I would get rid of my cats but I am a huge cat lover and it isnt happening!)
  2. I havent ate red meat in 12 years. It started out as a new years resolution and it stuck! I went one year with only eating red meat if I was eating at a resturant and then the next year I quite eating red meat all together. The health studies say to eat less red meat . . .
  3. I would love to learn more than one language. I self taught myself some Spanish when I was preparing to go to Mexico, which I understood very little when I was in Mexico! I would also love to learn how to speak German.
  4. I check my email often when I am at home! I enjoy getting mail and email on a daily basis! (The mail is only fun if I get a magazine that I subscribe to or receive a card or letter from friends or family!)
  5. I wish that I lived closer to the ocean. I have asked my parents why I was born here and why did they stay in this boring town? I have a nice life here but it isnt close enough to the ocean!
  6. I love bicycling and would love to have the endurance to ride in the Tour De France like Lance Armstrong. Blow the crowd away!
  7. I would love to travel the world and see what different cultures are like, how they live and there daily routines.
  8. I really enjoy retro objects. I am hoping to decorate my extra bedroom with a retro feel to it! I found the perfect store that sell all retro furniture/objects downtown! :-)
  9. I love the outdoors and going on hiking adventures in parks with trails.
  10. I am a huge Macy Gray fan and I was lucky to be cruising the internet for things to do in St. Louis one day and found out she was putting on a FREE concert at the riverfront! I got to stand in the front row and caught a bottle of water she threw in the crowd!

I will have to start reading through the 2 peas in bucket message board more often to keep up with the new challenges that may be posted! I need to go to bed, another weird thing is that I am constantly sleep deprived!


{c} said...

Hello...saw your blog link on two peas...cute site!!
I love M. Gray too....
Come visit:)

Tenika said...

welcome & thanks for joining in! :)

Anonymous said...

the challenges are posted on 2 peas every monday!