Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Busy girl . . .

I have been soo busy with work and school and trying to get enough sleep that I haven't made enough time to blog either! I need to be asleep at the moment as I have to get up early to finish my statistics homework and then go to class tonight. I finished my Microeconomics homework this morning and not very happy about the quiz I just took from Blackboard. It looks as if the class average was around the score I got but I studied! It is even open book! I did take a break from studying Sunday night and spent it scrapbooking for the circle journal I am in. I did a layout of my cats for a journal with the theme of "My Favorite Animal". Felix was trying to help me scrap it too! I am going to include the picture I took of the layout with this post. I really do think I need to get to bed so I can hopefully wake up in time to finish my homework! Later!

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