Saturday, January 23, 2010

Learning to knit

I have wanted to learn how to knit for quite a few years now. I had gotten a book over 5 years ago and tried to teach myself. I would get stuck after I got my yarn casted on and didn't understand the instructions that I had. One day I was driving through a parking lot and saw a yarn store. I took down the name and called them to see if they teach knitting. I was excited that they did! Last week I finally had time to meet with someone to learn how to knit.

I felt real slow at it but was getting the hang of it. I was holding on to the knitting needles to tight which made my hands go numb. I also have some carpel tunnel so I am sure that wasn't helping! For my first project I was knitting a dish cloth. I was going to knit a scarf but thought that would take longer.

Here is my knitting in progress:


Somehow along the way, I added stitches! I am not really sure how I did that!!


I finally got my dish cloth to where I wanted it and went back to the store to learn how to cast-off. I also learned that I had twisted my stitches. I was going clockwise when I should have been going counter-clockwise. I have been practicing to knit the correct way!

Here is a close-up of my knitting so I can look back on this and see how I have improved.

My first knitting project

Then the finished project!

My first knitting project

The girl that has been teaching me to knit told me about a great website called Knitting Help. It has videos that has helped me when I get stuck. Then one of my scrapbooking MB friends told me about raverly that I have loved searching for patterns on. I still don't really understand how to read the patterns yet. I hope to someday learn how to knit socks!

I showed her one pattern of another dishcloth that has a flower design in it but I need to learn how to purl next. Then I should be able to try to knit that dishcloth. I have been enjoying knitting so far!


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