Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowy, Scrappy weekend!

I have had a fun last few days! I have 5 days off and it happened when we had a big snow storm coming. I can enjoy it snowing and not have to get out if I didn't want to. I did and it was adventurous!

Friday I was planning on attending a crop with a friend at the LSS. I got a phone call that it was being cancelled because of the snow storm. The later my friend called me and invited me to scrap at her house. I thought it would be fun! When I left my house, it was snowing hard again. I was meeting her near her house and then following her. I made it to where we were meeting okay. But when we were leaving, my car wouldn't go up the hill! I thought that I was stuck in a snow rut but I got out of my car and I was on packed down snow. It must have just been slippery enough that I couldn't get traction. I kept working on it and finally I got up the hill! I slide just a small amount but the rest of the way was alright. I had a fun time scrapping that evening. The snow made it more adventurous! I am glad that I made it to and from in one piece.

Then Saturday, we meet up at the LSS for sketch sessions. We went to the last class which I have never done. We got to stay till we were done. It was only 1, 2 page LO and it took me about 2 hours to complete. It makes me wonder how I can get 3, 2 page LO's done when I do the super saver class! It was a fun time.

Here is the LO that we made:

sketch sessions

sketch sessions

sketch sessions

Then after the class, i went to get my nails done. I went to one of the nail places in the mall and English is a second language for them. Well, the lady doing my nails and two of the other technicians were all talking in another language and looking at there arms. Then the lady doing my nails told me that I had hairy arms and that she doesn't. I just laughed about it but I knew they were talking about my hairy arms at that point! It just irritated me that they were talking about me in there language. They don't have prices posted and it seemed to be a little more expensive than other places I have been. I think I will start going somewhere else. I actually don't get manicures very often.

I have had a fun weekend so far and I am going scrapbooking with more friends on Monday!


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