Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sedated kitty

This morning, I dropped my cat Chloe off to get her teeth cleaned. She was started to get tarter build up and needed to get this taken care of. I had a cat that his teeth was to far gone from eating moist food and not getting proper cleaning. My cats now don't get to eat moist food and only get dry food. That has helped save their teeth.

Since Chloe is almost 10, she had to have lab work done. I was happy that her labs were all okay. Last year her liver enzymes were too high and she had to be on medicine for a month. I am glad that they are staying down after a year. :-) Then she was cleared for dentistry. She has to be sedated for the procedure so it took all day.

We have been expecting a snow storm this week so I decided to pick her up that evening. I was going to have her spend the night so I didn't have to fight my dog and care for a sedated cat. The weather hadn't started that evening so I decided I had better get her while I could! She was able to lift her head but that was about it when I picked her up. I was told to keep her warm. I was planning to attend the camera club meeting so I went home and set Chloe up in a box with blankets.


Phoebe was driving me crazy and wouldn't leave Chloe alone. Chloe couldn't defend herself very well since she was still sedated. I did catch a picture of Phoebe actually sitting staring at Chloe!

Chloe & Phoebe

When I returned from the camera club meeting, Chloe was trying to walk around the house. Her balance wasn't very good and would fall over walking. I had Phoebe sleep in her crate all night so Chloe could wonder the house and not get attacked by the dog. When I woke up in the morning about 0500 to check on her, she was sleeping on the bottom of her scratching post she tends to sleep on. Then when I woke up later in the day, she was on top of the scratching post and acting like her normal self! I was glad that her sedation had worn off.

Pandora is the next one to get her teeth cleaned the end of February.


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