Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crazy cat incident

Isn't this a cute kitty?
October 22, 2009
She has long beautiful hair but comes with a bit of a temper if you have to brush her.  Normally she just meows or will hiss a little when being groomed.  Last night, she went to far! (or maybe I did!)

Chloe's hair seems to get tangled easily.  I try to keep up with her hair but sometimes I am unable to keep up with it.  I just untangled all her hair over a week ago.  I had noticed that she was getting badly tangled so I decided to work on her hair last night.  I took her to the bathroom and had her on the counter.  We were doing good and I was able to get some of the tangles out.  She meowed nothing much.  Then I had my dog barking at her and then my other cat Felix was on the counter.  Felix walked up to Chloe and smacker her!  I had to get him down.  They were not helping the situation!!  Chloe wasn't a happy camper at this point.  Shortly after that, she bit my arm!  It didn't look like she broke the skin but I am bruised in that area.  I should have stopped at that point but was getting close to being done.  I actually start trying to cut this tangle out since she didn't like me working it out.  Then I tried to brush what I cut out and she bit my hand in between my index and middle finger!  She clamped onto my hand and then I had blood running down my hand.  I gave up at that point.  I washed my puncture wound out and put some antibiotic ointment on it.  I also applied a 2x2 to keep dirt from getting in my hand.  It hurt but I was okay.

I was working on cleaning and organizing last night.  I found my moleskine books and material I had bought earlier in the year.  I even got on last night to find a few fat quarters to make some other books.  :-)  I have to say, my kitchen and dining room look clean!  At least I had gotten most of it done before Chloe bit me.  I noticed that my hand was a little swollen but it was localized to the area.  I finished cleaning and finally went to bed about 0330.

When I woke up this morning, my hand was all swollen!  Ugh.  I am a little freaked out about how my hand looks.  I can't bend my fingers all the way without pain.  I think Chloe was won a trip to the vet and I am going to have them finish what I started.  I got a lot of the tangles out but on her belly.  The spot that I did cut out is a little to noticeable.  I can usually cut a little and you can't notice it.  I didn't do a very good job this time!  She might be a lion kitty again but the only good thing about that is no tangles! I also need to make a doctor's appointment.  I have seem to many people come into the hospital with cat bites and ended up having surgery to have the wound cleaned out.

But besides the cat drama, today has been a good day!  I went and saw my cousin play hockey today and her team won the tournament!  Here is the trophy picture:
Ice Hockey
She is an awesome hockey player and she can skate!!  The last game was a little tough but they won 2-1.   I was a fun afternoon.

I am at the Mudhouse but typing is bothering my hand.  I am looking forward to watching Dexter tonight and to also write down some ideas I have for the sketchbook project I want to do.  My sister knows how to draw and she has a book that she thinks will help me.  I can't wait to read it!  :-)


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Amooretto said...

VERY pretty kitty! I hope that your hand will be okay and that AB will take care of it!

Congrats to your cousin!