Monday, October 18, 2010

Moleskine love!!

I have fallen in love with the little moleskine books.  I went to an art shop this morning and found some of the different moleskine books I found on the website.  I did get me a few more blank sketchbooks to recover.  I ordered some fat quarters on that I can't wait to receive!  I keep searching blogs in regards to the sketchbook project.  I have found some neat journals!  I found this tonight on how to unbind and rebind your sketchbook.  The paper in the sketchbook is thin and some people have been putting their own paper for different media.  I might use these instructions and make my own journal.

I went to the doctor this morning in regards to my cat bite.  I have left hand/forearm cellulitis.  I really think the swelling was down a little bit.  I was actually able to kinda see a knuckle.  He did put me on antibiotics and updated my tetanus shot since it was 5 years old.  The more I do with my hand, the more it aches.  He told me to use ice to help and it has.  I just hope my hand continues to get better.

I called my vets office this morning to make an appointment for Chloe to get groomed.  I am not going to  finish what I started since she got so mad at me.  It will be a couple of weeks for her appointment.  I have a feeling she might end up getting shaved again.  I like my kitty being fluffy but I wish she liked being groomed.  I had Chloe shaved last in early 2009.  This is a picture of her after her hair had grown for a couple of months.  It takes so long to grow!  I wish they were able to just shorten her hair instead of just shaving it.  They said they don't have clippers that will do that.  :-(
April 8, 2009

I have been catching up on my DVR tonight as I organize some papers.  I will be caught up on Grey's Anatomy tonight!  Just taking it easy!


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