Sunday, February 14, 2010

Puppies are cute!

My sister, nieces got a dog! He is a bichon/shitzu mix that they named Baby. I had been wanting to meet the newest addition to the family and my sister stopped by this morning with Baby! He is adorable and so calm compared to my pup!



I wanted to get pictures of Baby & Phoebe together but it was difficult! Phoebe was jumping and being a little rough with Baby so we were holding them to great each other. Phoebe was super excited to see a new dog! I hope we can take them to the dog park to play when it gets warmer.

I was hoping to stay awake all day but I decided to lay down for a nap about noon. I forgot to set my alarm and half way woke up about 1630 but felt so tired that I fell back to sleep and finally got up about 2030! I didn't mean to sleep my day away so I decided to have some tacos at Qdoba and then head to the Mudhouse. While I was sleeping, we had more snow! The snow wasn't much so I thought the roads would be fine. I was wrong!! i made it to Qdoba but it was slow. Then while heading to the Mudhouse, my car slide all over at an intersection. I was glad that no one was there! I made it to the Mudhouse finally but they were going to be closing in 30 minutes. Then I returned home safely. I have said it before but I am ready for warmer weather!! ;-)


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