Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sleep is optional

That is how I feel lately. I have had such a hard time sleeping at night and my body wants to sleep during the day! I have worked the night shift too long. I do prefer nights as I am more of a night person.

I hardly got any sleep and had a meeting at work at 1300. I had fallen asleep for a couple of hours during the night but then woke up about 0500. I couldn't get back to sleep till 1000. I needed to get up about 1100 - 1130 to get ready for my meeting but I woke up at 1145! I was rushing around to get ready and arrived in the parking lot at 1300. I was a little late in coming in for the meeting. Surely I will be able to sleep tonight. I do have to work Wednesday night so I need to stay up for a bit longer if I can.

I remember the days before I got my dog that I could sleep longer. Phoebe will often sleep with me and she is so snuggly! It has helped me with being able to sleep a little longer but when she decides it is time to eat, she is a wild pup!


In my lack of sleep this morning, I was searching ebay for a Cricut Expression. I had found a few from the same seller with free shipping but they didn't come with cartridges. I thought if I could get the Expression for under $200 that would be okay. I never did win any of the auctions. They all seemed to go for about $200. Then I checked out Oh My Crafts! to learn with my coupon code I had I could get an Expression for about $200 with cartridges! I finally did order one. I am eagerly waiting for it to ship! It will be like Christmas soon. I ordered a couple of books, the Gypsy & Cricut Expression.


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