Saturday, June 02, 2007

Allergy day . . .

Wow, I sneezed so much today. There is something in the air that I am allergic too!!!! My parents came over today and helped me with fixing the leak in my tub faucet so now Pandora can't sneak a drink! I have a cute picture of her getting a drink!

I am hoping to get a water line to my fridge so my icemaker will work. Since I have an older house, it didn't have one. :-( I had someone come out to give me an estimate which came to $386!!!!! I called my Dad to ask him if that was an appropriate price as I didn't think it was. He told me that it sounded to pricey but them told me that he might be able to do this for me if I just got the stuff for him to do it. I called a supply store and it would be about $50. Much better price!

I hadn't moved my fridge in awhile to clean underneath it so while we had it out I cleaned all the debris up. To our surprise when we moved the fridge back into place, a mouse was dead - flat as a pancake - underneath my fridge!!!!!! I am unsure how long that mouse had been underneath there but it had to be a long time!!!!!! I am not sure if one of the cats killed it and it got shuffled under the fridge from them batting it around or how this came about. GROSS!!!!!

A friend of mine called today and we went to have dinner together and then went shopping. She told me I was buying new clothes! I haven't taken the time to go clothes shopping in a while and don't like taking the time to try on clothes. I found me a couple of capri pants and about 5 new tops. I am excited to have new clothes! Having her there made it easier as she would get me different sizes if I needed it or find me new things she thought I should try on. We tried to find me some new sandels but if I liked the shoe, it either didn't fit or they didn't have it. I will have to try that another day. I kept sneezing through our little shopping experience!

I didn't get to go to the park today to take pictures as planned. It was storming and rainy all morning and then when it cleared off, my schedule wasn't clear! I am hoping to be able to do that tomorrow. I did use up one roll of film today and I am anxious to get it developed. I forget to drop it off at Wal-mart at the night drop off when I was there. That will be on my list of things to do for tomorrow as well!

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