Monday, June 04, 2007

Cats are cute!!!

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Here is a picture of Felix yawning waiting for me to focus my parents old Pentax 35mm camera!

I went and got my first roll of film developed today and some of the pictures were blurry, some clear and some has an odd color cast to it. The picture here of Felix had the strange color cast to it so I scanned it and used photoshop elements 5.0 to convert it to black and white. It made the picture look so much better! I hope to get the lighting figured out as I am sure that is the reason that my pictures had that funny color cast.

I am going to be picking my nieces up from school today and I am excited about that! This is my last day before I start school again and I can't wait to spend time with the girls! I will hopefully get some cute pictures of them! I actually have Shilo's birthday present still and I am excited to give it to her! She got her a little video/camera and she needed a memory card so I am sure she will be glad to have more memory!

I start school on Tuesday for the summer session and I decided this time to order my books online instead of going to the bookstore. It seems like they overprice things at the bookstore and I can get it cheaper online. This is actually the first time I have ordered online. I ordered my books a week in advance thinking I would have them but I won't. I ordered from and I used the free shipping option not realizing that it takes longer to ship under this option. All of my books said they were in stock so I ordered them and thought it said I should get them on June 4. This weekend I checked my account to see if they had shipped and realized that it wasn't going to ship until June 4th!!! I have to go to class without my books and hope that the first assignment isn't to difficult as the delivery is supposed to be June 7-9. I guess if I do this again, I will either use a different shipping method or order 2 weeks in advance but that all depends on when the instructor post the syllabus. I even called to see if I could change it and my order had been processed so it was a no go. Makes for an interesting first week of school!

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