Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fun day with the nieces!

I had a great day! I was hoping to get up early to make Shilo a birthday card to go with her gift but since I couldn't fall asleep till 0530, that didn't happen. I woke up in just enough time to check the email, get in the shower and then pick the girls up from school.

After I picked the girls up, we had to do a boring thing and go get my allergy shots. As soon as we got done there, I took them to the park and took pictures with my parents old 35mm camera. I did order a new wide angle lens for my parents camera. I can't wait till I get it! I am so used to digital that I tend to use up a 24 count roll of film to fast! I tried to rewind the film so I could take it to be developed and I couldn't get it to work. When we got home, I got it to work just fine! Crazy! Then after the park, we went to Red Robin which is new in our area. It was a fun after the school hang-out with my nieces!

I also took my nieces to Circuit City to show them the digital SLR camera that I want for my birthday! I have been looking at Best Buy and found out that Circuit City price is $300 more! Jasmine told me that it was too big and wanted to get me a pink digital camera. :-) They were cute but I want the big one! :-)

I gave Shilo her birthday gift when we got back to my house. I was taking pictures and realized that the sun through the blinds was on Shilo's face so we had to do a redo of the gift opening! She is over reacting but it is cute! She got with her birthday money a little digital camera/video player so I got her a memory card to go with it. I guess the internal memory isn't very much so now she will hopefully have more!

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