Sunday, June 24, 2007

A little sleepy . . . . .

I have had a hard time staying awake today!!! I had woke up in the middle of the night after falling asleep in my clothes and finally got back into bed around 9am and thought I would get a 2 hour nap but I woke up at 2pm with my phone ringing. My sister needed to drop something off and told me she would be there shortly. I jumped out of bed, took a shower and was all ready and dressed in 30 minutes! WOW!!! That is a record for me! She showed up about 45 minutes after calling. I was glad that I was all ready and dressed.

After my sister left, it was looking a little stormy. It did rain some and thundered and then it was just cloudy again. One of my goals today was to get my yard mowed. It is looking a little hairy! Allergies and snakes makes this job unpleasant. I can see that it isn't going to get done again today since it is almost 8 pm and I am at the coffee shop! I work tomorrow night so it might be Tuesday now.

Anyway, I was planning to go to the Mudhouse to study and was still feeling quite sleepy. I checked my email and was going to get my stuff together to go to the Mudhouse and had to lay down. I took a short nap that time - about an hour. The cats thought that was a good idea too and all napped with me. I woke up around 6:30 pm and got all my stuff together and finally made it to the Mudhouse.

I haven't been at the Mudhouse since March!!!! So unusual for me but sometimes you just need a little break. I love the artwork and the atmosphere here. It is interesting some of the things that can change in just 3 months! At the corner of one of the intersections is an apartment building now! It was an old run down gas station that wasn't open anymore and it has been bulldozed and apartments built.

Since getting my desktop, I haven't used my laptop as much. I have my headphones on listening to music and it doesn't sound as good to me. I guess since I have gotten used to the sound from the desktop with the speakers I added, the laptop sounds like it needs some bass! :-)
I guess I should be productive and get some studying done!! :-)


Musicmom-Amy said...

Your cats just crack my up. That shot is perfect for a postcard or huge poster with a funny saying. TFS!

Jana said...

That isn't one of my cats! I found it on google images and that cat looked like I felt that day! :-)