Sunday, July 01, 2007

Nice morning . . .

I am enjoying tunes from my Napster account this morning. It is raining outside and I actually got the paper today. I have had issues with the Newsleader but glad that I have gotten the paper at least 2 weekends in a row! :-) I hope that it doesn't rain all day as I would love to ride my bike and do some yardwork. The yardwork might have to wait till tomorrow as it has rained so much yesterday and in the night that there are puddles in my yard!

I get the paper this morning and I forgot all about Firefall!!!!! My allergies were bothering me yesterday. I woke up not able to breathe so I took medicine to hopefully nip it in the bud but that didn't work. I spent the rest of the day sneezing! ARGH!!!! I really hate my allergies!!!! But I think that is what made me forget about Firefall!!!!! I was planning to drive to the north side of town and try to see the fireworks and get pictures. I was disappointed when on the front page of the paper it was about Firefall! Bummer! I have to work July 4th so no fireworks for me. :-(

Last weekend I had a good plan with my homework. My plan was to work on one to two chapters a day so I wasn't doing everything in one day. Between work and trying to get some sleep, that didn't happen. I did get one chapter done so I hope the others go as smoothly as that one. I actually have till Wednesday morning to get this exam done so I am hoping to get as much as I can done today. I am sooo ready for this semester to be over with! I was ready before it even started! :-)

I have plans for the Mudhouse and some grocery shopping today. Nothing to exciting. I did finally get me an ATG gun for my scrapbooking and would really like to try it out!!! I have it loaded and ready! I need to get some of my Scrapjammie kits out!

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